We're Making a Difference in Term 3




Term 3 is going to be so lovely. Last term it was all about us, our passion, and taking it to the next level by creating a project in an area that we love. This term it’s all about other people and making a difference to them


The kids collaborated last term to agree on the cause they will be supporting this year. There were some great ideas as to what we should support…endangered animals, the Royal Children’s Hospital, homeless people, and ThankYou Water. They loved the idea of ThankYou Water because it is a Melbourne initiative to provide clean drinking water in third world countries. I think the kids were so inspired that people so close to us were making such a big difference that they wanted to support them! 

We will be talking a lot about the need for clean water and that for many people in the world, clean water is either many kilometres away or totally inaccessible. The people at ThankYou Water are building wells for communities for whom this is the case, so our fundraising will contribute to the number of wells that can be built. The kids are very excited about this. 

When young people see that they are able to make difference to someone in need, they develop a deep understanding of contribution and a profound gratitude for what they themselves have…they realise that they have so much (time, energy, money) that they can actually give some of it away to make a difference to people who need it.

This term’s program will take your children’s understanding of empathy, generosity and contribution to a level that will have them feel inspired by themselves and their ability to make a difference in the world.                                


Leah Davidson