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We are The Group.

We’re creating a community of young people who are connected in a deep way through sharing rich experiences of personal growth and self-awareness.


The 2nd HOWGR8CANUB  Comp!

We had so many amazing donations for our comp last term that we have enough for another round!

So the member of The Group, or anyone from the outside community, who performs the kindest, most creative Random Act of Kindness wins an awesome hamper including amazing group gift vouchers, yummy things, free passes and 1 term free membership at The Group! 

Kids Hamper From Heaven!

$500 in prizes!


A community of young people.


The Group is a series of programs which are designed to allow young people to learn and practice life skills in a really fun way. At The Group, we’re passionate about kids growing up with the tools they need to navigate life in a creative, inspired and confident way.

The Group gives young people an awesome edge in that they start to think about things like empathy, collaboration, mindfulness, gratitude, their passion, what it means to be a good listener, respecting others opinions...all at a very young age.


Who runs The Group?


Leah Davidson

Leah is a passionate teacher and mentor with more than 25 years experience making a difference to young people. She has written and implemented many programs that engage young people in creative, fun and vibrant ways to develop a solid sense of self-worth, self-expression and real leadership. Whether delivered in school, in her weekly program or on one of her overnight camps, the common thread in Leah’s curriculum is that each module is underpinned by her deep respect for young people and what they’re really capable of.


Ben Davidson

Ben is an inspired leader with a commitment to making a difference to young people. He brings his passion for building and cooking which expands all of The Group's programs in fun and inventive ways. The foundation of the programs that Ben has created is his trust in young people and their ability to perform well beyond normal expectations. Ben is a wonderful mentor for young people, bringing his joyful sense of humour and creativity to every event. With a shortage of male teachers in our world, Ben has become an important role model for many lucky boys and girls.


Leah and Ben both have current Level 4 First Aid Certificates and Working With Children Check Cards.

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