6 TO 7 Camp Announced!

One weekend in November, grade 6 students from many schools will come together for a groundbreaking transition experience, giving them a brilliant start to a new chapter in life.

At 6 TO 7 our grade 6s can share their fears, think about them from a new perspective, and learn from a panel of older students who have already made this transition.  

The scariest part for them is not knowing what to expect, and feeling alone in the journey. When they hear what they need to hear and feel connected to others on this same journey, they will feel free to really celebrate this major milestone. Our mission with this camp is that some very lucky students start high school feeling grounded, happy and confident, and that their fears are replaced by genuine excitement. A truly brilliant start to a new chapter.

The Group is very excited to launch this event with the partnership of Lisa Dinale of The Yin Collective. Lisa brings her passion for meditation and yoga to indulge our grade 6s in beautiful experiences of the heart.




Leah Davidson