The Group is a series of programs which are designed to allow young people to learn and practice life skills in a really fun way. These are the soft skills that are not only key to feeling deeply happy, but also comprise the skill-set that their future employers will be looking for.

The Group gives young people an awesome edge in that they start to think about things like empathy, making a difference, how they’re communicating, what their passion is and how to follow it, what it means to be a good listener, respecting other’s opinions, how to be a great team player...all at a very young age.

Members of The Group develop a language that sets them apart. They have a self-awareness which is rare even in adults, but especially in children. They develop a deep confidence because they finally learn about things that the world ‘expects’ them to understand, but offers no education in…like how to be a good listener, how to follow your passion, how to be a good friend.

We can learn these things by trial-and-error, and that’s what most people do, but we are so empowered when we’re taught.


Who is Leah Davidson?

Leah is a passionate Coach with more than 25 years experience making a difference to young people. She has written and implemented many programs that engage young people in creative, fun ways that develop their social intelligence.

Leah has delivered her programs at Woodleigh School, Melbourne Girls Grammar School, and for YPO Young People. 

At The Group Leah teaches her curriculum for building emotional intelligence in young people ages 8 - 18. Life skills like creative thinking, collaboration, and decision-making are the soft skills not only essential in living a happy fulfilled life, but are now the skills most required of their generation in the work force. There is also a strong focus on philanthropy at The Group through which the kids get to see themselves as agents of change in their community.

Leah has created and runs many Camps where young people get hands-on education in collaboration, leadership, independence and team building while learning empowering life skills in fresh, fun ways. Survivor Camp, The Amazing Race Camp, and Surf Camp are weekend-long adventures where young people collaborate with participants from all over the Mornington Peninsula and Melbourne. Competing in teams, young people develop life skills through engaging activities and games, building EQ while having the time of their life with friends new and old.

Whether delivered in school workshops, in her weekly programs, or on a camp, the common thread in Leah’s curriculum is that each module is underpinned by her deep respect for young people’s ability to get to their own next level.


Who is Kirsten Penzes?

Kirsten is a passionate educator and creator with a BA in Teaching and a BA in Fine Arts. She has recently returned to Australia after living abroad for the past 11 years both in Stockholm, Sweden and Isle Of Man, UK. During this time she has become a mother to two girls who are now in Junior primary. While overseas she has worked in International schools as a Classroom and Art teacher. She worked on many extra curricular fundraising intitiaves within schools for organisations such as World Vision and Fairtrade. She also collaborated with local galleries and event organisations such as Sayle Gallery, Isle of Man Art Festival, “Make Market”, and “Isle of Architecture” events. 

Kirsten believes that play and creativity are the sources of our curiosity and learning about the world and each other.  The Group is a fantastic program for Youth to have fun in a trusting environment while nurturing kindred-spirits through playful and mindful activities. She is delighted to be able to offer this extraordinary program to the Bellarine Peninsula and work alongside Leah Davidson in delivering The Group.