Human Rights Night at The Teen Group

The Teen Group was rocked by world class human rights leader Scott Leckie this week. He's spent his life making a difference to people in 85 countries, writing more than 200 books & articles, as well as international human rights laws for the United Nations. And he spoke to our kids like they themselves were UN Ambassadors... capable of creating change and protecting the rights of their fellow humans on this planet. So inspiring!! The kids loved it. They were so engaged and had so many questions! Scott really inspired all of us. One member said, "He showed me how if you want to do something, you just have to persist and one day it will happen." Gold.  Another member said the best thing he learned was,  "That people have been trying so hard and for so long for what we have today." That's  true & so important to understand the power we have to create change! #makingadifference #humanrights #scottleckie #workislovemadevisible 

Leah Davidson