THE GROUP - Mt. Eliza!

THE GROUP - Mt. Eliza!


Weekly group coaching sessions with a new program each term.

4pm - 6pm Fridays

36 Winona Rd, Mount Eliza

Ages 8+

Leader - Leah Davidson 0402 279 880

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The Group is a series of programs which are designed to allow young people to learn and practice life skills in a really fun way. At The Group, we’re passionate about kids growing up with the tools they need to navigate life in a creative, inspired and confident way.

The Group gives young people an awesome edge in that they start to think about things like empathy, collaboration, mindfulness, gratitude, their passion, what it means to be a good listener, respecting others opinions…all at a very young age. Ultimately, we’re creating a community of young people who are connected in a deep way through sharing rich experiences of personal growth and self-awareness…life skills essential not only for success, but for happiness in life.