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  • Frankston Station (map)

Teams travel from city to bush using maps, timetables and a compass with a choice of transportation modes available including trains, trams, buses, and walking...but it’s a race so what will they choose? 

Every leg of the journey reveals new clues at each Pitstop which lead the teams to the next destination…or asks them to perform a task to win an advantage in the next leg.

Lots of funny bits incorporated to keep them laughing as they stretch themselves, and expand what they think they’re capable of, in this super adventure!

One adult Leader per team is strictly there to insure that everyone is safe and happy and will be offering no advice or suggestions. This is about the kids working it out because they CAN! Our vision is that they will see themselves differently after this, able to do things they never imagined was possible at their age.

Accommodation, meals, transportation, camp T-shirt, Keepsake Poster, Supplies and Racer's Kit included.

Earlier Event: 19 September
Later Event: 13 October
The Friday Group