Weekly Group Sessions Bellarine

Weekly Sessions form the foundation of The Group.

At the Weekly Sessions, we are planting seeds like compassion, self-awareness and leadership when they’re young, and then nurturing them as they grow and develop into an adult. These skills become a part of the fabric of who they are, tools that they will have had the opportunity to practice many times by the time they really need them.

Members of The Group are growing up with other kids from many schools, sharing rich experiences of personal development and community service. Philanthropy is a big part of The Group. The kids collaborate to agree on the cause they will be supporting each year. When young people see that they are able to make difference to someone in need, they develop a deep understanding of contribution, and a profound gratitude for what they themselves have. Whether it’s time, energy or money they’re giving, they realise that they have so much that they can actually give some of it away.

The Weekly Sessions run for 2 hours a week during the school terms. Each session includes group discussion, games and role-plays designed to explore the term’s theme. Themes from previous terms include Passion Projects, Listening, Making A Difference, Know Your Flow, and more.