3 days, 2 nights
5 July 12PM - 7 July 3PM
Coalville Holiday Camp
Includes transportation by bus from  Mount Eliza to Coalville.


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In THE VILLAGE we take a deep look into CORE VALUES that define a village…what it means to be a part of a COMMUNITY, to have EMPATHY for those less fortunate or disabled, and what it really means to TRUST others and BE TRUSTED.

Kids from all over the Mornington Peninsula and Melbourne compete in Clans as they develop life skills through engaging activities and fun games. Building  EQ while having the time of your life with friends new and old, in the absolutely stunning Coalville Retreat Venue.

Through powerful Role Plays and Challenges we will step into the shoes of others and learn first-hand what it means to have EMPATHY and how important it is. We will have hands-on experiences where we need to TRUST others, and others need to be able to TRUST us. In a beautiful series of experiences, these concepts start to feel real in a new way, and are understood on deeper level. 

We hop on the bus in Mount Eliza with Ben The Bus Driver who takes us on a fun ride to our UNBELIEVABLY COOL camp venue in Coalville (90 min East of Mount Eliza) as we get to know each other, and re-connect with old friends from previous camps!

BYO Sleeping Bag